Monday, October 20, 2008

Chemo Brain Blame Game

While at Whole Foods yesterday, I ran into a woman who looked vaguely familiar, and then once she saw me, looked at me with a face of recognition. Uh-oh.

I put on my friendly face, making small talk, all the while trying for the life of me to place this person, which really shouldn't have been hard considering how short the list is of people I know in town.

She tells me she's recently [re-]married and says I'm looking good (Does she know about my "condition?" How much?) and asks about Violet and I am mentally scrambling as I rack my brain to try to place this person and then before I know it we're parting ways and I'm still as clueless as I was before.

It was somewhere between the dairy section and the cereal aisle that I realized that the woman was the professor of the class that I abruptly dropped out of after getting diagnosed.

I eventually caught up to her and apologized for not filling her in on how I'm doing and let her know that I'm done with treatment and while I partly filled her in because I imagine she was curious I also wanted to make sure she knew that I wasn't making up a reason to bail from her class, which was almost as difficult as it was dull.

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