Monday, October 27, 2008


I had to pay $49.95 to get a warantee good for phone support for two weeks on the laptop that I knew had to be looked at by an actual person since the hard drive wasn't firing up (I wish the phone support guy could go off script for TWO SECONDS and listen to me vs. saying "your display is bad, please back up your hard drive..." Um, guy, I would if it weren't for the fact that more is wrong than just the display).

Long story longer, posting will be sparse over the next week or two. The up side is that my house might actually get organized between now and then. Either that or I will watch my weight in TiVo.

Also, It was snowing when we landed in Madison today (returning from trip to see family in SC--more on that later). See above.


  1. i just wrote you a note....but you won't get it because you probably are not on line....just in case, I'll call you tomorrow. meg.

  2. it's snowing today in NC! baby j's first snow! but it is truly a dusting...