Sunday, November 9, 2008

This Makes Absolutely No Sense but I DON'T CARE

Hey all--Apologies for the unplanned blogging laptop is still in the proverbial shop but by some freaky miracle, the keyboard on my now-resurrected desktop is somehow working? It seriously makes ZERO sense--It's not plugged into the keyboard port yet it's still allowing me to type?

Full disclosure--it is a USB-enabled keyboard and is the USB business is plugged into an appropriate port, but as far as I can tell, it had to be plugged into both in the past to work...?

But hell, I'm not going to look a gift working computer in the mouth hard drive.

It's actually a mixed blessing that my computer access has been mixed at best this last week or so since it has forced me to take some time to process some shit before posting about it.

The short version is that we gave up our dog Cleo last weekend, with Jody doing the heavy lifting while I was at ND with Violet. The long version is nearly seven years with a totally unsocialized dog that prevented us from socializing ourselves and gave us very little in the way of evidence that she would not be a danger to Violet.

I really don't want to talk much more about it than that as I'm still pretty busted up over it--even though she was a total bitch, she was my bitch--but for as upset as the surrender makes me, if anything were to have happened to Violet, it would have been like a knife to my heart, and I've already been through enough for one year in the way of heart-knifing, yes?

So anyhow, looks like the blog is back up and running...for now, anyhow.

Missed you guys.


  1. Maybe you have a poltergeist in the USB port. (A portergeist?)

  2. Sorry about having to give up Cleo. One of our pugs was just diagnosed with diabetes. We give him two injections of insulin each day, and I think he'll get better by December. Of course it's a hassle, and it's expensive, but he's been our dog for nine years, so it wouldn't be the same without him. It stinks that you were forced to make that decision, but Violet's well-being is your primary concern.

  3. I'm really sorry about Cleo. That had to be a very difficult thing to do.

  4. Thanks, guys. Giving up Cleo was horrible...still is. I just hope someone is willing and able to give her the love and attention she deserves. I miss her so much. :(