Thursday, December 18, 2008

Point Your Thoughts Hopkinsward

Hey All--I've got a good vibes/prayer request for those of you with a soft spot for those of use with ailing posteriors: A fellow Domer in a similar cancer predicament found my blog when Googling the hell out of his condition and we have been in contact for the last month or so.

Well, today is the big day, and as of about 10 minutes ago, John hit the table and will be having his big surgery. This is the first day in a string of very hard, very long ones that will ultimately get him to NEDsylvania, so while the journey is well worth it, it's still pretty hellacious nonetheless.

I ask that if you have five seconds to spare (one...two...three...), you shoot some happy, healing vibes or fire off a quick prayer to the Patron Saint of Poorly Poopers on John's behalf. If you have another spare five, please do the same for John's dear wife and his sweet toddler.

The similarities are really uncanny, no? Makes you wonder what's in the water out there in The Bend...

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  1. Hi Bridget,
    I am John's sister, Kristen. Ever since he found your "Cancer Deployment" blog he sent me the link, and I read it from start to finish. I found it so helpful and know that he is so grateful for your "expertise" (He was particularly appreciative of the "Sham-poo" head's up, and it was actually one of the last things we were all laughing about before he headed back for surgery. So thanks for giving us that lighter moment at a very heavy time. Also, thanks so much for your good vibes/Prayer request. We are all so thrilled that so far everything is turning out so well!(Also uncannily similiar to your situation so far! But we'll gladly take those similiarities!) Take care and thank you! ~Kristen,(kristenDOTdeboyATgmailDOTcom)