Monday, January 26, 2009

Another Lame-o Bullet Point Post

  • The only thing better than thrift shopping on 99¢ day? Finding a $10 bill in your cart on 99¢ day!
  • Vi has been occasionally singing the alphabet song (and correctly, at least to the well-trained ear), but the thing is you can't prompt her to do it, you have to catch her doing it. She was also batting about .800 on correctly identifying her letters in her ABC book last night (as in, when I ask her what letter "this" is, she would reply "G" or "R.").
  • As brainiac coincidences go, we were preschool shopping this past weekend. We've decided to apply to the two (of the three I saw) that had the best teachers. The fact that they're also the least expensive of the three is a bonus.
  • Keeping with the brainiac theme, I just burnt my tongue on some wickedly hot lentil soup.
Clearly, Violet gets her genius from me.


  1. Having just started Cameron in preschool, I can honestly say that I have met more than a few parents who are convinced that the preschool DEFINES/DETERMINES which Ivy League college their darling wonder will attend... honestly, if Cam enjoys himself and maybe learns a thing or two, that's cool with me... beyond that, I think you gotta go with your gut feeling about the space/teachers/other kids, etc. (and the cost factor too).

  2. Good luck with the hunt. We are in the same process for little Annabelle. I keep reminding myself that she will only be 3 years old, and all she needs is a safe, fun, creative place. Letters and numbers will come later...hopefully :) It made me kind of sad today at a preschool tour to see a bunch of forelorn 3 year olds tracing letters on a ditto sheet while a teacher hoovered over them with endless corrections. Yikes! Give me messy art and a kid coming home with green paint in her hair anyday. How did I get so granola?!?! Love to you, Mindi

  3. i've now had a bad experience and a great experience with preschool for t-man. in both cases, my gut feel for the teachers were directly proportional to his feelings for the school and his happiness. it's all about personality and values at this age in my humble opinion.

    keep your fingers crossed that there is an opening next year for little miss k at t-man's school - if not, i'm going to have to start the leg work and find another school for her (and deal with an extra drop off!!!).