Friday, January 2, 2009

It's Amazing How Much More Relaxed the 2nd Year Is

Is just fed Violet [apparently] expired cereal but it's organic, so don't the two pretty much cancel each other out?

ETA: I might be so relaxed since Violet slept in until EIGHT THIRTY this morning. And here I thought I couldn't sleep past seven any more! Sometimes I am very, very happy to be proven wrong.

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  1. if you guys choose to expand the fam someday - i am sure that you will have a post about how its amazing how much more relaxed the 2nd kid is. i just don't have time to be on top of things - so yes, the organic cancels out the expiration.

    now how can we justify baby j going a whole week without a bath???? oh and not getting out of her pjs until 4 pm?? please help!!!!