Thursday, March 19, 2009

I Am a Dog Walker Stalker

I have done my best to refrain from flogging myself here on the blog over our making the incredibly difficult decision to surrender our dog Cleo. She was troubled, she was broken, and she sincerely made it difficult for us to live our lives--social and otherwise--without a heaping pile of stress, but she was ours. She was mine.

As I've said before, giving her up was so hard, but I knew for as hard as that was, if Cleo ever did any harm to Violet, it would be like a knife to my heart.

And this is how I made my peace with our turning her over to a shelter. A kill shelter. Ok no, I still haven't really forgiven myself.

But she was picked up by the local rescue. And while that helped me sleep a little easier, I still continued to feel guilty, thus stalked her guiltily online, sending first the Christmas stocking my mom had made her, and then a donation to the rescue who saved her. Because the guilt, it keeps on coming.

That is, until today. Today the guilt subsides a little bit more because Cleo is no longer available: she's been adopted!!! Oh sweet St. Francis of Assisi, our dear Cleo has found a permanent home! I really, really hope that it's with the guy she's lounging on in the picture because he bears a passing resemblance to Jody, with whom she shared many a snuggle and nap, and I would think that that would make the transition a little easier on her.

Be well, little monkey. I still love and miss you terribly.

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