Monday, March 30, 2009


So, you know how you get invited to a BBQ or dinner party or some similar food/alcohol/socializing event and you're all "Uh, we need to bring about wine? Yeah, wine is good...but how many bottles? Do you know how many people are supposed to be there? How much should we spend per bottle?"

Maybe that's just me. I am more of a beer girl: I know what I like (read: lots and lots of hops and just when you think it's pretty good and hoppy, ad more hops).

That said, can you imagine how much of a hit of the party you would be if you brought wine in a paint can?! Of course there's the question of whether or not the wine's any good, but that's a risk I'm willing to take.

I'm such a sucker for clever packaging...



  1. i thought of you the other day when i bought some red truck (remember you being a fan a few years back when you were living in the boston area) for little miss k's bday party. fyi - along the same lines of this post - they are now packaging it in mini barrels ( which is the reason why i bought it - perfect for a party without breaking the bank. of course it is not as cool as a can of paint though...

  2. HH - way to get 'em started early!! :) I only wish I had thought of that for Cameron's party...

  3. HH--I totally posted this link with you in mind.

    I might have to find something similar for our next playgroup... ;)

  4. Title a post "wino alert" and you get my attention...

    Wish they sold wine in a paint can at a grocery or hardware store near me! It would be a huge hit at home; don't even need to take it to a party.

  5. do i need to be concerned that you posted this with me in mind AND i am the first to comment on it?!?!?!?

  6. Are you kidding? You're who I think of when I say to myself "Who do I know that has a clue about wine?" Because I only have one wine that I really, really like (Verdejo), everything else is just meh.

    But serve me meh in a paint can and I'm all "yee-hoo!"