Friday, October 3, 2008

Mayor of Squaresville

I had a bunch of business (or should I say "business") cards made up with the intention of being more social when it comes to connecting with other moms at playgroups and co-op daycare and other stuff that I'm hoping to engage in but as yet haven't really. GAWD, I'm such a loser suburban cliché.

I was actually about to post a picture of them (the cards, not the moms) when I realized that I would pretty much have to black out all of the info. I'm not that bright, but take my word for it that the cards are cute.

In other news, Violet can identify bubbles in books and real life (even tho her word for "bubble" and "bottle" sound pretty interchangeable) but has yet to start to referring to me as mama. :::sigh:::

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