Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend Update: Go Pack Go!

Saturday was spent watching college football (Woo Irish! Hooray Navy!) and Sunday was spent watching pro. Live. At Lambeau.

That's right, Jody, Vi and I made the pilgrimage to Green Bay at a relatively early hour yesterday to meet up with ND friend, fellow Cheeseconsinite, and once-upon-a-chegger Anne Marie, who not only hooked us up with tickets to the game against the Falcons but also took care of Vi while we were at the game!

Other than the distance covered (~2.5h with a touch of stop and go on the way in and out), it was the world's easiest process: Anne Marie gave us fantastic secret squirrel route directions, guided us to a residential neighborhood right on top of the stadium where the home owners were letting folks park on their lawns (and use their WCs, apparently).

We were able to find a house very close to the stadium (critical for just-in-case considering my "condition") that put us in a slot that was easy to get out of on the other end (without having to drive over the curb) and strolled on in.

The seats were fantastic--about half way up in the end zone with great neighbors all around--and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the stadium's pizza (DiGiorno, FWIW) since keeping veg in the home of the [meat] Packers is no small feat.

We only stayed until the end of the third quarter (of course that's the time they decided to rally)--partly to beat traffic, partly to relieve Anne Marie of her duties, and partly because my lower back isn't cut out for bleacher sitting these days-and make a hasty get away after retrieving our spawn and taking the back way to the high way past these ridiculously large new construction houses along the Fox River.

We were pretty pooped at the end of it all (picked up a pumpkin spice latte @ *$ on the way ome--I lurve fall), but it was great to be home by dinner time and have a few hours to power down before hitting the rack for the night.

Thank you, Anne Marie (and AM's folks)! We really had a terrific time and so apreciate your generosity. If there's ever the chance for us to repay your hospitality, please let us know!

In other news, I think I just knocked down my argument for getting a Dyson a bit as I just vacuumed all the nooks & crannies--high & low--in the basement. Those spiders were getting way too big for my taste.

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  1. despite all your teasing about us cheggers - you have to admit we're pretty fkn :) glad AM was able to hook you up to a good time!