Monday, October 6, 2008

Travelin' Toddlers

Calling all parents! We are going to be taking our first trip via air with Vi this week. Rather than save a few bucks, we decided to bite the bullet and get her her own seat because while a 6 month old does well in a lap, a 15 month old does not. Not my mine, anyhow (referring to both baby and lap).

Please leave any and all insider tips you may have picked up along the way in the comments--thx!


  1. When I flew with my DD alone when she was about 11 months (and a few times since) old I made sure I got some brand new things - they held her attention since they were new and exciting. Also lots of treats. Suckers (?!?!) for take-off and especially the landing. If she can't do suckers yet something that keeps her busy chewing (or drinking).

    We checked strollers right at the gate and they were ready and waiting for us when we got off the plane so that is great.

    Have fun!

  2. ok - so i had this whole long comment typed out and then hit some random key and lost it all.

    i'll try this one more time - the highlights of what we bring:
    * change of clothes and plastic bag for dirty clothes
    * wipes
    * new small and compact toys that get opened on the plane
    * books
    * paper, washable markers, stickers, etc.
    * check stroller at gate as well - stroller is great to have if you have to run to make a connection - i know this from experience. otherwise it helps to carry your carry ons as well
    * don't know if Vi is too young but last flight i brought dental floss and fruity cheerios to make necklaces the kids could wear and then snack on
    * dvd player/laptop and dvds if it holds their attention (works for t-man but not as well for little miss k - still a bit young)

    lastly it is a matter of survival for us so we are not above bribing the kids with treats and candy. all rules are out the window when flying - we will do what we have to in order to avoid any meltdowns.

    and the last comment that got lost in cyberspace - as i was typing this up, my doorbell rang and a tasty bouquet was delivered. thanks so much girlfriend!!!! the perfect gift - a yummy, healthy, and SAFE food option for the entire family to enjoy. t man and miss k LOVED it. and baby j will be enjoying it indirectly as well ;)

    have a great trip!!!


  3. I'll add one - when the boy was about V's age, it helped to get to the gate early and let him run around as much as possible before boarding (this was for afternoon flights). And I'm not ashamed to admit we needed that portable DVD player when we flew cross-country.

    Good luck!