Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Brief List of Things I've Forgotten Today:

  • To put out Violet's dirty diapers for the service to pick up. Good thing it's winter and their living in the garage for a few weeks won't totally stink up the joint.
  • My GI cancer support group meeting--it was going to be a casual and child-friendly white elephant gift exchange sort of affair but I had put it out of my mind since I thought it would conflict with Violet's nap schedule. Turns out we totally could have made it if I had planned for it and probably could still make an appearance if we left right this second but that is in all likelihood not going to happen.
In other news, I am still riding a major high from booking our flight and hotel for our spring break trip to Puerto Rico. Please leave any and all advice, suggestions, and recommendations in the comments.


  1. Hi B, just catching up on your life! My good friend just got back from a week in Puerto Rico with 3 kids, so I'll getcha the scoop.

  2. Sweet! Would love to get all the recs we can before heading down.

    Hope you and the Gilles brood are all doing super! xoxo