Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Published!

Ok, so it's just another place on the 'net, but I got paid for it*!

Dealing With Cancer: A Kick in the Ass.

It's a 3-part series, so you might have to poke around to find the other two parts. Me, verbose? Never.

Ok, so the $$ is only enough to pay for 1.5 parking tickets, but still...


  1. Sweet article, B! Really neat to see your name in print, not for the last time I'm sure.
    Check this out--I don't have your email at work and just found it so I'm posting it here anyway because it's pretty gosh-darn optimistic to see a "100%" anywher in medicine:

  2. Sweet article back atcha, Niebler! It sure would be nice to have a bigger group sample than 126, but 100% is pretty tough to beat. :)


  3. PS: The study was done in Ireland, so I have to think that my genetic/lifestyle factors will line up with the those of the study participants pretty well! ;)

  4. Very cool! Looking forward to following the series and seeing more of you "in print," so to say. Congratulations!