Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Tale of Yummy Overpriced Snackfoods

Like many people, I have a major love/hate with Whole Foods: I loooooooooooove all the great stuff they have, hate signing off on three figure receipts.

One of my most favorite things by Whole Paycheck--besides their Seedilicious bread and their ridiculously fantastic cheese selection--is their Protein Packed Salad. Or, was their Protein Packed Salad, until they unceremoniously discontinued it about a year ago.

There were a number of questions asked of the folks behind the deli counter and some mourning in between the whole cancer thing, and then time passed, and then POOF! I was perusing the refrigerated prepacked food section and there it was! My Protein Packed Salad!

What's so great about my PPS? Well, here's the ingredients list, for your edification and my insurance, just in case it goes all POOF again:
Edamame, wheatberries, quinoa, celery, red peppers, carrots, red onion, scallions, and dressing (cottage cheese, canola mayo, honey, parsley, cider vinegar, dill, sea salt, black pepper).
It's so super fudging good, I hope you're all able to find some at your local WF!

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  1. Oh WFM, how I miss thee! Try working thee, I might as well have told them to just keep my paycheck.

    FYI if they ever stop carrying something you love, first ask why (sometimes there is a good reason). And then fill out a comment form. One of the few stores where people actually read them and act on them when they can. (or if enough people complain)